Senkbare spillvannspumper

Submergible pumps type SVA and SVH with axial and semi-axial impellers, are specially designed for pumping big flows at low and medium heads. Its high efficiency and reliability make them suitable for pumping rain fall deposits, ground dryng, drainages, rice fields, purifyng stations, amusement parks, sea water, etc.Pumps have a strong structure and are provided with a common shaft for pump and motor thus giving a compact and solid unit. Sealing between motor and hydraulic end is carried out by two high quality mechanical seals and intermediate oil chamber. Motor is three pase, squirrel cage type with IP 68 and isolation class F for 155 Cº.

The erection is very simple, as the pump is installed inside a waste piping and fixed by its own weight.

Kapasiteter: opp til 30 000 m3/h (7000 l/sek)
Løftehøyder: opp til 17 mVs

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